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AP Environmental Science

Franky Telles

Credits:All Photos on this page were taken from other sources. All images are used with permission. Most of the information on this site is from the Living in the Environment 10th edition textbook by Miller. A Wadsworth Publication © 1997. The information was used with permission. Unathourized duplication is prohibited by law..

Further Thanks: Mr. Gurnick (for sponsoring our page and his support), Mr. Housely (for stirring our creativity), Mrs. Arnold (for the support of the web site), Mr. Recalde (for all the support of the Magnet and also for the web site), Sean Allen and Kamesh Balasubramanian (for their constructive criticism).

Disclaimer: Several images on these pages and all related documents are Copyright © 1998 F. Telles and K. Balasubramanian for Reseda High School. The information provided is copyright 1997 Wadsworth Publishing Company and The Population Research Institute. Some of the images come from The Population Research Institute. You may use this information and images to help as study aids.

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